• FeaturesSome of Instagram’s features are: Likes, comments, videos, popular wall, follows and you can change the style of photo.
  • Benefits

If your a business then you can take pictures of your products from different angles so customers know what your selling looks like.

  • Limitations

some limitations are that when your posting a video you can’t post a long one i think it is around 15 seconds maximum filming time so you would have to shorten a long video.

  • Audience

I think that the audience that use Instagram is mainly teenagers who post pictures of themselves with their friends and a


lso post pictures/ videos of there nights out. some businesses use it such as Pro Direct Soccer who post pictures of the new boots they have just got in.

  • Issues

Privacy is an issue as everyone can see what you have posted unless you have the privacy tool turned on.

  • Optimum time

People mainly use it when they have just got home from work so around 6pm at night.


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