• Features                                                                                                        

Some of the features that YouTube has are you can like videos, comment on videos, subscribe to the people who’s video it is, you can also use YouTube on many hand held devices.

  • Benefits

One of the benefits of using YouTube if you are a business is that you can show a video of how your product works for example get clicked on can show a short video about how they make a website, another benefit is businesses that have a following or are part of a community can use YouTube as a tool to share and engage with customers, also YouTube is a good platform for businesses who create video blogs this is somewhere for them to post them.

  • Limitations 

Much like most social media platforms YouTube has its limitations although these may not be clearer than most other sites limitations. the first limitation is that when your first start out with a profile you can only make videos with a maximum time of 15 minutes but as you progress as a company or person your time limit can go up.

  • Audience

I don’t think that YouTube focuses on a specific demographic as there is videos on there for everyone.

  • Issues

Some of the issues that you will have to consider when creating a YouTube account and then also posting videos is privacy, what the video contains; because you could offend someone with what you say.

  • Optimum time

i think that YouTube is used almost all day everyday because people are either using it to listen to music for example college students or for people even watching video blogs.


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